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Easy Installation!

To begin, you should measure the window opening and cut your plywood 1/4" to 1/2" shorter than your measurement.  We recommend using 3/4" plywood as tested and approved for a 46/60" window.

Clamps are Test Approved with Plywood and it appears to work with  Polypropylene or other flat Plastic Materials.

One Time Tools Required:
Step One:
Mark your hole location 12" from the top and bottoms, and 11/16" out from your chosen plywood.
Step Two:
Drill your holes using a 5/8" wood or concrete bit, drill approx: 1-1/2" deep.  If the hole is correct, the sleeve should go in halfway before tapping in w/hammer.
Step Three:
Take one of the sleeves and use a hammer to tap the sleeve into the hole.
Step Four:
Insert plywood, polypropylene or polycarbonate into window opening, then insert one of the Hurricane Clamps into the sleeve and lock it in.

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Disclaimer: American Hurricane Panels is not responsible for any collateral damages that may incur to the home due to either misuse of the product or from any unforeseen or natural occurrence or any other act of God.



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