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Installation Instructions

Step 1


Measuring the window opening: Measure both the horizontal dimension at the top of the window and at the bottom of the window. Now measure the vertical dimension on the left and the right of the window. The reason for taking four dimensions instead of only two is, some window openings are not square, due to the stucco or brick set back being slightly off.

Note: If this is the case mark your panel indicating top right so you get it in the right orientation.

Step 2


Write down the dimensions taken from the window. Deduct 5/8" from the horizontal and 5/8" from the vertical dimension. This will allow for the clamp thickness and about 1/8" for ease of installation. If your window is trapezoid (not square), adjust the amount deducted by half on each side. Cut the panel to these new dimensions. Mark the panel indicating top right so you get it in the right orientation.

Note: This would be a good time to think about how you are going to identify each panel as to its location. The location identification will also serve as the orientation marker. Also, think about making a map indicating the location of each panel in reference to the front of the house. You may want to keep the map in a plastic bag with the panels when you store them.

Step 3


While holding the panel with the clamps in place, mark the position of each clamp on the window setback. Note: The center of the hole you are about to drill is 5/8" back from the front face of the clamp. The hole for the sleeve should be a minimum of 1 1/4" off the face of the building. Don’t worry about the other dimensions, the clamps can slide on the panels to line up with the holes.

Step 4


Mark each location where clamp is going to be placed. Drill hole for sleeve using a 7/16 bit. Insert sleeve with hammer.

Step 5


Sleeves should be placed 12" off of each corner from top and bottom and spaced evenly in between. After all holes are drilled, install the sleeve in the holes. Tap into place with a small hammer.

Note: We recommend using a silicone caulk on the inside of the hole to hold the sleeve in place. This will also prevent moisture intrusion into the building.
Note: We purposely left the Cap attached to the sleeve with a plastic runner. You may leave this in place to retain the cap with the sleeve or remove it if it gets in your way. Cap can be painted to match structure.

Step 6

Install Clamp

Mark the panel as to where you want each clamp. Making sure you have an equal number evenly spaced on each side. The clamps are adjustable for panel thicknesses from 3/8" to 3/4". Open the clamps by loosening the two screws on the face of the clamp. Press it onto the panel and tighten the two screws while holding pressure on the clamp. This will allow the clamps to tighten onto the panels so they won’t fall of as you install the panels in the window.

Note: We do not recommend clamp spacing or how many you need for a given window size. That depends on many factors and will vary for each installation. The APA recommends 4" barrel bolts spaced 16" on center. Look at the design of the Eagle Clamp and the APA System and you will see the similarity in basic functionality.

Step 7


Position the panel, with all clamps in place, in the window opening. Check for fit. You should have about 1/8" clearance. Insert pin into sleeve then lock pin down.

Once the initial installation of the sleeves and clamps are installed, it literally takes minutes to install each window. We recommend that you place a bolt with a locking nut through the clamp and the material to be installed to help align pin into sleeve and also to help secure the panel to the clamp. Depending on the thickness of the material that you are using will determine the length of the bolt that you will use. Clamps are made with polycarbonate and stainless steel screws for adjustability along with brass fittings for a superior product that gives you a life time guarantee. Clamps were tested using plywood and polypropylene. For test results, visit our website below. Boxes come packaged with 16 clamps that will adjust from 3/8" to 3/4" for various materials.

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