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The Best Hurricane Window Protection You Can Buy!

Get the Permanent Solution!

Hurricanes are not going to go away. That's why you need a Permanent Solution for hurricane window protection. American Hurricane Panels has the solution: Polypropylene Panels which meet Large Missile Impact Testing Standards, along with our patented Hurricane Clamps. Hurricane window clamps from American Hurricane Panels are stronger than the average storm window clips, and when used with plywood or polypropylene panels, make sure that the windows in your house are secure and tightly in place, giving them added strength for your peace of mind. You want to make sure that you have the right clamps so that when hurricanes strike your windows will stand firm and tight. Our patented clamps are incredibly strong, easy to install, and Hurricane Tested and Approved. Don’t spend thousands on disposable Systems! These clamps can be pre-installed permanently on your home's windows and they can also be painted to match the trim on your house. Install them today and be prepared the next time a major storm rolls your way!

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The Patented Hurricane Clamp

The Clamp:

Tested and APPROVED with 3/4" plywood. Clamps also work with 1/2" & 5/8" plywood as well as the 5/8" Polypropylene and Polycarbonate panels.

  • Super Strong
  • Easy to Install
  • Works with Plywood
  • Works with Polypropylene and Polycarbonate
  • Hurricane Tested and Approved
  • Can be Painted to Match Trim

The Polypropylene Panels:

  • Hurricane Tested and Approved
  • Easy to Store
  • Reusable
  • 5 Times Lighter that Plywood
  • Translucent to let light in
  • Will not warp

Hurricane Clamps. Permanent, Affordable and Easy to Install..!!

Box of 20 Clamps (5 Windows)


Uncut 4x8' 5/8" Polypropylene


FREE Delivery within 25 miles of Clearwater, Florida on orders over $500.00

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Disclaimer: American Hurricane Panels is not responsible for any collateral damages that may incur to the home due to either misuse of the product or from any unforeseen or natural occurrence or any other act of God.

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Sold Separately or as a Kit

Each kit contains 20 Clamps, Sleeves and Caps which protects 5 average sized windows.

Each kit contains 20 Clamps, Sleeves and Caps which protects 5 average sized windows.

Independently Tested
 & Approved Large Projectile Impact Test

Incredibly Strong Clamps

Our 43% Glass Filled Nylon Clamp is so strong that it held the weight of this Ford F150 for 12 hours without any distortion to clamp.

The strongest Hurricane Window Protection money can buy!


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